Sit well, feel well!

Get rid of back pain using our posture correcting device!

The product

Taking your business to the next level

Back pain is a huge problem for people and companies. Thats why we have developed a device that you can put on your chair and warns you when it detects you are in a bad position.

Business Plans

Put it on the backrest of your chair

Accounting Services

It will warn you when you are in a bad position

Finance Optimization

Improve your posture easily in just a few days

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The team


This start-up is being developed by Joan Ortiz and Enrique Vilalta. We are two biomedical engineers from the University of Barcelona, with a master in Innovation and Enterpreneurship. 

But we are not alone, we have help from many partners at:


To become Superman you just have to straighten your back


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StartUB!, Carrer de Pascual i Vila, Barcelona, Spain

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